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Tributes to Jana - Page Four

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 “I didn’t know anyone that loved life as much as Jana – her warmth, compassion, and dedication to all she did was truly an inspiration to all fortunate enough to have her in their lives.”

- Kerri Hudson & Brenton Sullivan

“Jana was a beautiful love that touched many, including me.”


“I feel for the few souls who didn’t get the blessings of knowing her.”


“I feel honored to have met such a genuine and wonderful human being.”

-Madhu Singh

“She touched my life and inspired me to be great like her. I only hope I can make as big a difference in the world that she did.”  

-Chelsey Gillogly

 “I declared myself the president of the Jana Mackey Fan Club. The word that comes to mind for me when thinking of Jana is “beautiful.” There was no way in which she was not filled with beauty. It enveloped her, it exuded from her, she walked in it. I miss her and I am proud to say I knew her.”  

-Lara Mann

 “The tragedy of the situation is that the world lost a beautiful young woman who was going to make this a better place to live.”

-Anne Bemis

 “I thought I would share my inspiration with you. Though I did not know Jana, she has lit a new fire in my life. I’ve always dreamt about making change. I believe leaving an impact on this world is important. “Change the World” is a huge statement. It is intimidating and it’s always seemed out of reach to me. Now? Now I don’t have a choice but to make a difference and change the world.”  

-Rindi Zimmerman

“This woman walked in the willingness to live her life courageously…to serve others without fail…to bring joy and laughter to all…to act with integrity by respecting all equally and without judgment. She fiercely believed in the power and strength of a community who agrees to join together to do the work that needs to be done. Jana…we thank you for these Truths.”

-Sarah Jane Russell

 “After hearing about the celebration of life you had in her honor, I was touched by the words that Curt delivered. Though the details were relayed to me second hand, I could clearly hear Curt’s voice calling for action in her memory. It was easy for us to continue to mourn the great loss, but it would be remarkable for us to rally around Jana’s causes. Perhaps it’s our turn now to continue the work Jana was unable to complete. Certainly she accomplished more in her short lifetime than many of us could ever dream of.”

-Andrea Crees

 “I want you to know that if there is ever anything I can do to help keep the hope and Jana’s message alive…you can count on me. You can count on me! I’m ready to fight. Not only for my daughter but also for yours.”  

-Andrea Crees

“It’s amazing to me how someone so young acted on her passions in such a strong way to touch so many lives.”

-Katie Stucky

“What a proud feeling that must be to know Jana was making a difference. I am sure she started some wheels turning and trust her colleges will see the need to fight the fight where she left off.”

-Dave and Cheerie Baker

 “Jana was such an amazing and incredible woman. She never failed to inspire all of us around her.”

-Marla Patrick

“I shall always remember Jana’s enthusiasm for life and the positive affects it brought to all people who were lucky enough to know her.”

-Linda Joslin

“Jana was a “shining star” and we feel blessed to have known her.”

-Linda Palmberg

 “I hope that you and your family can find some comfort in knowing that Jana’s death will surely result in some good things being expressed in other people’s lives. I know that other young women will find inspiration in the way she lived, the causes she championed, and the mark she left on the world.”

-John Bird

 “Jana had done so much to help improve the lives of others. She was a true humanitarian.”

-Craig and Lisa
Ryan and Brandon

 “The world needs Jana. She was such a bright light.”

-Joan and Andy Brandt

“She’s inspiring and she’s changing the world even as you read this.”

-Rindi Zimmerman

 “Jana was a compassionate advocate and her young legacy will continue. She accomplished so much in her short life.”

-Juliene Maska

 “Jana was such a fierce advocate-I hope she inspires many others to step up and do the same.”

-Jean Rosenthal

 “Jana represents all that is good in this life – love, laughter, and pure joy.”

-2 Salsa Friends

 “I had the honor of being in her presence several times, and she lit up the room. Once Jana arrived, the party started.”


“Her cause and her memory will live on through the hundreds of people that knew her and knew of her and her dedication to creating meaningful change and progress to improve our world and society through her humanitarian efforts. What an incredible legacy to leave and be proud of.”

-Becky Pfeifer

“I’m sure you’ll never know the full impact of her life on others, but it’s obvious she touched many. The strength and determination she showed will give strength to many, even ones she never met.”

-Gary and Becky Catlin

“She was such a beautiful ray of sunshine, and brought joy into so many lives. She will be remembered for her giant heart, her dedication to the causes she believed in, and the strength to stand up for what she felt was right.”

-Jennifer Christensen

“When the sharp edges of our grief have softened, you might think about this observation by Mahatma Gandhi, himself trained in law. It will always bring Jana to my mind. Gandhi said, “A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history.” Jana was not given enough time to personally alter the course of history. But, in this room, gathered here today, is all the evidence we need – proof beyond any reasonable doubt – that where Jana Mackey was, determined young spirits gathered – frequently on her famous front porch – drawn by her passion, by her powerful and beautiful voice, drawn to her mission by their faith in her causes. Not this day- but soon enough- it will fall to them, to all of us, to take up Jana’s causes and carry on. She would have expected – and accepted – no less.”

-Gail Agrawal,
Dean of the KU Law School

“She was also an amazing woman who could change the world. She was inspirational to so many people. Her loss is a great sorrow to this world.”

-Christy and Trent McCarty

“The world has lost a bright star.”

-Carol Shepherd

 “Jana’s all too short life was filled with such Compassion, Hope, and Love. Her Spirited dedication brought such joy and strength to others. May her legacy be realized through the actions of lives she touched and the vision she gave to those who will make a difference in her honor.”

-The Gilloglys

 “She accomplished so much and was such a passionate person. She will be missed, but know she is in heaven probably organizing something fun.”

-Rae Smith

“I wanted you to know how privileged I was to participate in the celebration of Jana’s life. What a remarkable young woman! Her dreams, hopes, and aspirations are now immortalized and we are challenged to have the courage to do what Jana would do.”

-Mari Tucker

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